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The Power of Lifeology

Lifeology blends art, science, and storytelling together to transform complex topics into a fun and easy-to-understand flashcard mini-course. Check out our course on Lifeology to learn more!

Got a great idea and want to start building a course?

Get started with our Builder! We offer Free, Pro, and Enterprise subscription options to meet your course publishing needs. Head to our Builder site and create an account or log in with your existing LifeOmic LIFE Fasting or LIFE Extend account.

Below is a sample workflow that our experienced builders use to bring their course to life.

Lifeology Workflow: Course Building Progression

Course outline created and reviewed

Card script
written and final draft reviewed

Visual notes and ideas added to
each card

Artist completes
a storyboard and renders 1-2

Illustrations are reviewed and completed with ongoing feedback

Helpful Resources

Learn Resources

Our resources include articles and Lifeology courses on best practices and sci-comm essentials.

Step-by-Step Builder

Follow our guide to help you use our powerful Builder to take your message to your audience.

Lifeology Course Library

For inspiration, check out some of our amazing courses in our Course Library.

Lifeology Community

Connect with others in our Community to ask questions or collaborate on a course.

Lifeology Training

Train up those skills and become a course-building master! Check out our Lifeology Training opportunities.


Have a question? We may have an answer. Check out our FAQ section.

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