On a mission to bring together science, communication and art

Lifeologists are spread across the country, bound by a belief that art can help science be easy, fun and accessible

Paige Jarreau
Paige JarreauDirector of Science Communication
“I’m a scientist turned storyteller. I love trying new forms and formats of science communication, but I always look for scientific evidence of what works best! I love science but art brings me life – I’m into photography, circus arts, writing and poetry!”
Doryan Algarra
Doryan AlgarraHead of Design
“I’m a designer and artist who loves creating experiences that are intuitive and impactful. I’m passionate about using art to educate and broaden perceptions.”
Chris MacNaughton
Chris MacNaughtonPrincipal Software Engineer
“I’m a software engineer and problem solver with a passion for education and continuous learning. I enjoy music, winemaking, reading and anything outdoors. I live in Indiana with my wife Jami, our three kids kids Tiva, Sol, and Lio, and our two cats Gravy and Yogurt.”
Travis Barney
Travis BarneySoftware Engineer
“I grew up in a loving and creative Utah family. My mom was an elementary school educator, my dad was the Art and Jewelry instructor in high school, and my siblings were great examples to learn from. I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, carving, coding and digitizing all forms of artwork.”
Chad Jarreau
Chad JarreauSoftware Engineer
“I’m a scientist and developer. My career started in the laboratory studying antisense nucleotides in zebrafish and has evolved to building software. I enjoy video games, hiking, and of course my good friend Mojo (my dog).”
Matthew Stagg
Matthew StaggSoftware Engineer
“I cut my teeth on programming in middle school by working with Lego robotics kits and building text adventure games in BASIC. I joined the National Guard in 2010 and served 6 years as an Intelligence Analyst in the US Army. When I’m not bashing my keyboard, I enjoy hunting, barbecuing, playing board games, and rooting for the Indianapolis Colts.”
Elaine Algarra
Elaine AlgarraCommunications Manager
“I am an art educator and communications manager who loves using art to communicate ideas and deepen understanding. Storytelling gives us a format we are familiar with, and illustrations can help us memorize what we learn. I love creating art in various media, being a mom of twins, and visiting my family in England.”
Jelani Jackson
Jelani JacksonSenior Software Engineer
“I’m a software engineer, lifetime student, and part-time philosopher (The Alchemist is my favorite book). I have a passion for travel, expanding my horizons, investing, and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable.”
Casey Dexter
Casey DexterPrincipal Product Designer
“I’m a designer who likes to get my hands dirty with code. I love being the glue between design and engineering. I enjoy a variety of sports and I am always looking out for that next must-have home automation device.”
Melissa Webb
Melissa WebbSenior Product Manager
“I’m an expert at understanding root problems and empathizing to help get problems solved the right way, in the right order. I thrive on delighting users by helping deliver excellent software people love to use. In my free time I enjoy running, traveling the world, and spending time with my husband Matthew and two boys, Felix and Calvin.”