Lifeology SciComm Certificate Program

A science and health communication training program focused on storytelling and sciart collaborations, designed for the busy practitioner, scientist or student of scicomm!

Lifeology SciComm Certificate Program

A science and health communication training program focused on storytelling and sciart collaborations, designed for the busy practitioner, scientist or student of scicomm!

The Lifeology SciComm Certificate Program is a unique opportunity for scientists, science or health communicators, artists or anyone interested in honing their science storytelling skills. Learn evidence-based principles and strategies for effective science and health communication while putting your knowledge into practice with collaborative assignments! 

In addition to earning a Science Communication Certificate and letter of achievement for completing the program, top achievers in each program cohort receive a paid science writing or illustration opportunity in order to become a Lifeology Certified CreatorLifeology Certified Creators get a special visual badge on their Lifeology Community member profiles and are short-listed for additional future paid client and Lifeology Library course creation opportunities.

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About the Program

This bi-annual, three-month live program will guide you through a core set of Lifeology University SciComm courses covering topics such as inclusive storytelling, empathy, trust building, how to counter misinformation, the history of science communication, and much more.

Join a small cohort of program participants

You and other participants will take part in monthly quizzes, video calls and practical science communication activities that help you put what you learn into action! Don’t worry – while it may sound like a lot, all the program learning content and activities are designed such that you can complete them in under 5-10 hours per month.

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Our next live SciComm Certificate Program starts in on August 1, 2022! We will be accepting 40 people to be part of this August 2022 program cohort. 

Application Opens: Jun 1, 2022

Application Deadline: Jul 22, 2022

Program start date and Video Meeting Kick Off: Mon Aug 1, 2022


The SciComm Certificate program costs $60, or $20 per month for this three-month program. Below, you can see all that you get for this cost!

However, we want to make our Lifeology SciComm Certificate Program accessible to everyone. If you’d benefit from this program but you can’t afford the cost, you can apply for a waiver of the program fee.


As a SciComm Certificate Program participant, you will get:

  • 5 core Lifeology courses each month + several elective courses, complete with fun and practical homework activities! 
  • 3 fun monthly quizzes to help you gauge your learning
  • 3 monthly reflection activities to help you put your learning into practice. These activities will help improve your writing, science communication strategy, artistic thinking and collaboration skills! You will get detailed feedback on each reflection activity from our Lifeology team.
  • 3 monthly resource sheets to help you with your reflection activities and related skills
  • A monthly zoom chat to connect with other program participants, share insights and ask questions
  • Access to a private Lifeology Slack channel reserved for you and your cohort to ask questions, share activities, get program updates and network!
  • Lifetime access to a Lifeology Slack channel reserved for graduates of the Lifeology SciComm Certificate Program, where you can connect with mentors and mentees!
  • A 20 minute 1:1 coaching/mentorship session with a Lifeology team member 
  • A coupon for 3 free months of a Lifeology Builder Pro Subscription, for the duration of your SciComm Certificate Program

Science communication training is close to our hearts here at Lifeology. Our goal with this program is to help busy scientists, professional communicators, educators and artists to gain access to evidence and practice in the fields of science and health communication. In so doing, we hope to improve the way science and health is communicated in the world, such as through empathetic storytelling, and to build public trust in science.

We also hope with this program to grow a diverse network of trusted science communicators and Lifeology Certified Creators whom we can recommend for paid scicomm projects such as future Lifeology courses!

August – Intro to Science Communication and Storytelling!

  • Kick-off Video conferencing meeting
  • Read 6 Lifeology courses
  • Quiz 1
  • Activity 1: A personal storytelling reflection about science communication

September – Communicating to Build Trust and Counter Misinformation 

  • Zoom chat
  • Read 6 Lifeology courses
  • Quiz 2
  • Activity 2: A collaborative activity to practice customizing science stories for different audiences

October – Style and Collaboration in Science Communication 

  • Zoom chat
  • Read 5 Lifeology courses
  • Quiz 3
  • Final Project: A collaborative Lifeology course writing and storyboarding activity!

November – Wrap up

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What Program Participants Are Saying…

“This course allowed me to pause and be more meaningful and thoughtful in my communication. So much attention is is given to the science and identifying the audience but the actual best ways of delivery is not always followed though. The best ways of working with an artist and having a shared vision was very useful to learn about and then put into practice.”

–SciComm Pilot Program Participant