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Build a course using a template

You can build your course using a template from the Import tab. Here you can download a template, complete it, then upload it and your images to the builder.

To build a course using a template:

  1. In the New Course window, select the Import tab.
  2. Click Download Template.
  3. Complete the template by replacing the text after each colon in the template with your course information.
    Note: Following each ### are instructions for using the template.
    • The [.cards] is the start of a group and the [] is the end of the group.
    • The text you enter after each card_text: is the text displayed on each card.
    • You can add more cards by adding another card_text: line.
    • Images can also be added using the template (note: Lifeology requires images to be a square or 1:1 ratio):
      1. Make note of the image file names you will upload (needed for the next step).
      2. Type card_media: uploaded_filename as a new line of the template where you want the image card to be placed (replace “uploaded_filename” with the name of your uploaded image).
      3. Click File, then click Save in the text editor menu.
      4. On the builder, drag and drop the completed course template into the “Drag and drop files here” window (or click Browse files…, select the template to upload, then click Open).
      5. You will now see you’ve “Successfully prepared 1 course”. Add the image files by clicking + Browse files…, selecting your image, then clicking Open.
      6. If your image is not square, click the crop icon to select the square part of your image to display.
      7. Click Submit. A new window opens, letting you know, “The imported course will appear in the courses list shortly”.
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