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1. Yana Zorina:

Hello everyone.

My name is Yana and I am a neuroscientist currently working in high content screening at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I recreate fluorescence microscopy images out of beads in 3D, and have published a couple blog posts on Lifeology.

Yana Zorina – Neuroscientist & SciArtist

In my scientific career, I have always been attracted to microscopy as a means to take a closer look at the beautiful structures that compose the mammalian brain. In my scientifically-inspired artwork, I use my scientific knowledge to accurately recreate scientific images into 3D-beaded renderings of cellular structures that can bring the beauty of scientific research to a wider audience. In seeing beads as analogs of pixels that we observe on a screen, I turn microscopy on its head by transforming ultra-thin optical sections into 3D structures. Beyond being passionate about the breathtaking beauty of microscopy images, I use them to serve a greater purpose of communicating science to a wider audience and initiating conversations on difficult topics, such as neurological conditions.

Attracted to hope
Read about Yana’s bead-work that battles stress

2. Nigel Hawtin:

Hi everyone.

My name is Nigel and I am a scientific infographic and information designer. My degree was in scientific, medical and botanical illustration and after working freelance for a few years on book illustrations I worked as graphics editor for New Scientist magazine in the U.K. If you don’t know it, it was a weekly mag similar to Scientific American.

Nigel Hawtin – Scientific Information Designer

I went freelance 5+ years ago and now my clients include Publishers around the world. I have produced infographics and datavis and communicating science for 30 years. My work appears in many publication from science papers to popular newspapers, in print and online.

Toothpaste infographic
Nigel’s Website – Information Design

3. Alex Gilmore:

Hello everyone :)

I’m Alex and I am a student from Northern Ireland, currently doing a Master’s degree in Science Communication at Imperial College London. I have a background in Biochemistry and love science writing as well as illustration. I’m really pleased to have found this community of talented and like-minded people. Can’t wait to see what discussions and collaborations will come from it!

Alex Gilmore – Master’s student in Science Communication

4. Avesta Rastan:

Hi everyone!

I’m Avesta from rainy Vancouver and now living in Toronto. I’m a recent grad from the MSc Biomedical Communications program in Toronto where I learned how to do medical illustration and animation – my thesis project was a 3D animation about a childhood brain cancer.

Avesta Rastan – SciComm’er & Medical Illustrator

Before that I studied Life Sciences, alas the research life wasn’t for me! I worked in the med comms industry for a bit before deciding to pursue freelance full time and now I help visually communicate awesome science for a living! In my spare time I love anything outdoorsy, rock climbing, concert-going, exploring new places/foods, and I’m excited to join this community! Here’s my insta.

Read Avesta’s Blog Post on Why Science Needs Diversity

5. Mahnoor Fatima:

Hi, everyone! I’m a Life Sciences Editor and have a real passion for science communication. Although I’m a writer and don’t have good art skills, I am forever inspired and fascinated by both. I would love to collaborate or help with any SciComm projects that require my skills or even just support! :D

Mahnoor Fatima – Bioscientist & Scicomm Enthusiast

Screenshot from the BioSync Squad Blog!

Mahnoor’s LinkedIn

6. Julien Reveillon:

Hi everyone!

I am a researcher (computational fluid dynamics or CFD) with a huge interest for art, scientific visualization and illustrations. I managed to live an illustrator :) ;) and we work together on science / art projects ! I am so happy to have found the Lifeology group ! There are so many talented people here !

Julien Reveillon – Computational Fluid Mechanics Researcher
Julien’s Website – Digital Fluid Mechanics

7. Meredith Schmehl:

Hi all! I’m a PhD Candidate in Neurobiology at Duke University. My science communication work is in several areas:

Meredith Schmehl – PhD Candidate in Neurobiology  & Science Communicator

For those who like social media, you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, or on my website. Looking forward to meeting you all!