In the past few weeks, Lifeology has been featuring some members of the Lifeology community under the #BlackInSTEAM banner. Here’s a roundup of the SciArtist feature articles that we’ve posted recently. Share this gallery and consider collaborating with these amazing Scientists and Science Artists!

Jo Chukualim

I’m a photographic artist based in London with a Master’s degree in Psychology. I’ve exhibited my projects on mental health and wellbeing at events such as the FREE RANGE shows, BAME freedom festival and UBER’s black history month display at their London HQ.

Feature Article – Jo Chukualim

Abrian Curington

I am an Illustrator and Cartographer, dedicated to producing engaging work that ignites curiosity. I specialize in graphic novels, illustrated prose and fantastical maps, that champion fun and encourage adventure!

Illustration by Abrian
Feature Article – Abrian Curington

Tomekah George

Tomekah is an illustrator specialising in bold collage & colourful illustration. She creates content, images & occasionally animations for organisations and magazines.

Hiya! I’m Tomekah, I’m an illustrator/animator based in Sheffield, UK. I’ve illustrated a few Lifeology courses and can’t wait to learn from the Lifeology community.

Jordan Hunter

I’m an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Glasgow, Scotland. I have a versatile skill-set, encompassing both digital design and expressive mediums such as drawing.

Feature Article – Jordan Hunter

Jenniffer Mwangi

PhD. Fellow in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology with extensive wet lab experience based in Kenya. Passionate to guide farmers in adopting high yielding better adapted varieties with a focus on sustainable agricultural practices to ensure lasting biodiversity conservation.

Amanda Obidike

I am Certified in STEM by the Open University, United Kingdom. My goal is to tackle youth unemployment, gender digital-gap and poverty by boosting inclusion, innovation and empowering young Africans with real-world problem-solving skills they need to excel in STEM lucrative-pathways.

Amanda Chirpy
Feature Article – Amanda Obidike