For our first New Lifeology Member Highlights posts, we have highlights from 7 new Lifeology members!

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1. Jack Chan:

Hi everyone! I’m Jack.

I’m a cancer researcher that focuses on how we can use immune system to fight cancer. I’m a T cell nut, but I’m also an aspiring science communicator! Whether it’s about science or for fun, I love to produce video content. I currently do some work in video communications as an editor and hope to further integrate my love for film production into my work. Here’s a link if you’d like to check out one my earlier videos highlighting the importance of scicomm that I made for a scholarship application. I also participate in committees with the Science Gallery to help shape my home city of Melbourne’s art-science scene and to gain some exposure to the fantastic works by our local artists. I’d love to get some experience in writing here.

I hope to collaborate soon with you all!

2. Callum Elson:

Hi Everyone! I am Callum, part of the team that has created Scientistt – a networking and recruitment platform for the research community!

The work Paige is doing to bring together scientists and artists is really great, and reading this thread shows what a cool group of personalities is mixing! At Scientistt, we are making connecting and collaborating with other researchers easy through our global community, it’s sort of like LinkedIn and Faceboook smashed together! It’s totally free, and I’d love some of you to join. You can check it out at

3. Claudia Stocker:

Hi everyone, my name’s Claudia.

I’ve worked as a science illustrator (technical and arty) for seven years. My company is called Vivid Biology ( I create technical illustrations that help explain processes, and large format artwork for exhibitions. I hold a BA and MSci in Natural Sciences. My specialist areas are molecular biology and neuroscience.

4. Yiannis Phil:

Hi all!

I am an animator and illustrator with a studio based in Cyprus (one and a half). I am very interested in research communication and bringing it to a wider audience. Looking into how animation can contribute to this area. I am hoping to focus my studios work on this as I find it very rewarding. Looking forward in connecting and learning from you all.

5. Grace Chuang:

Hi! My name is Grace and I work on the Creative Team at Ginkgo Bioworks, where I think about how to tell stories of synthetic biology through visual communication and creative collaboration! I’m an engineer by training who ventured into the design space and now sit happily in the middle; some of the stuff I’ve done along the way can be found here. One of the projects I also spearhead is our magazine Grow by Ginkgo, so I’m always looking for artists, designers, and illustrators to work with as we gear up to launch our new digital website and next print issue!

I’m super excited to be here!

6. Alanah Knibb:

Hello, I am a neuroscientist turned comic book artist.

I have 5+ years of illustration experience and an MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement from the University of Edinburgh. My current focus is on storytelling and using narratives for climate and social change. My dissertation focused on using narratives as a tool to communicate science and involved making a comic about orbital mechanics during a multimedia internship at the European Space Agency’s Astronaut Centre in Cologne.

I’m keen to collaborate on science report illustrations, educational resources, workshop toolkits, creative thinking programmes, graphic narratives for websites, apps and data visualisation. Take a nosey at my website and pop me a wee message.

Comics by Alanah Knibb

7. Laura Finnegan:

Hi everyone!

I’m Laura, I’m a PhD student investigating gene therapy for retinal degenerations, and I’m a teaching assistant on a scicomm course. I’m also an artist/illustrator. Last year I won a science communication award for a sampler of my kids’ book about Irish scientists, which I wrote and illustrated – almost finished now!

You can find me on Instagram and twitter @laurakfinnegan :) Very excited to see what you all get up to!