A Year of SciComm Challenges

Can you believe it’s been a full year since we started doing monthly SciComm challenges here at Lifeology? Over the past year, we have had some amazing submissions to the challenges. Our hope is that these challenges have and will continue to engage our community with short, fun, and creative SciComm and SciArt tasks that may lead to new experiences and opportunities. Let’s recap the last twelve SciComm challenges!

May 2020 – Science Comics

Comic by Nekane Terrades

June 2020 – Infographics

Lauren Kunselman’s infographic on ATAC-seq

July 2020 – Science Poetry

Covid activity sheet

September 2020 – Science Art Collaboration

Video Animation by Jessika Raisor

October 2020 – Draw Everyday

Oct Daily Draw Atom Prompt Illustration by Esra Almaeeni

Day 2 – Nutrition @Esra Almaeeni

Oct Daily Draw Challenge - Kinetic Illustration

Day 4 – Kinetic @RaymondsBrain

Oct Daily Draw Respiration Prompt Illustration

Day 6 – Respiration – Lifeology Team – Doryan

Oct Daily Draw - Mindfulness Illustration

Day 12 – Mindfulness @Zapandilla.Art

October Daily Draw - Intestines Illustration

Day 15 – Intestines @Zapandilla.Art

October Daily Drawing Challenge - STEAM illustration

Day 24 – STEAM  @Esra Almaeeni

October Daily Drawing Challenge - Antibodies Prompt

Day 26 – Antibodies @TheAnosmicIris

Lifeology Daily Draw - Survival Illustration

Day 27 – Survival – Lifeology Team – Elaine

November 2020 – Data Visualization

November Scicomm Challenge Data Visualization

December 2020 – Describe Your Science Career

Genomics researcher
Career Card for Behavioral Ecologist
A career card for a mechanical engineer

February 2021 – Science Games

Hemoglobin molecule from Cooperativity mobile game

Dr. Ben Peters’ game Cooperativity – available on the Google Play store here.

March 2021 – Coloring Sheets 

A coloring page sheet of a research lab scene scene with a child asking questions
A coloring page sheet of two females in an office, one is an expert and has her credentials on the wall. The other is asking her a question.

April 2021 – Science Memes

April SciComm Challenge- create a science meme

Next… May 2021 – Sci Truth Game.

Learn more about the challenge and how to participate in our blog post.