Matching Scientists & Artists

Collaborations between scientists and artists can drive innovation in science and make research more accessible and meaningful to broad audiences. That’s why we created a matchmaking tool to connect scientists and artists based on their communication goals, desired audience, art styles and more!

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Benefits of collaboration

Scientists can collaborate with artists to create a wide range of visual messages and inspirational artworks: data visualizations, infographics, graphical abstracts, cover art, comics, science art galleries, games, Lifeology courses and other visual interactives. These can help more people engage more deeply with science.

Where do I start?

In polls of scientists, most are interested in working with artists but don’t know where to start. A great place to start is to simply have a conversation with an artist or scientist who shares your interests! That’s why we’ve made a scientist-artist matchmaking tool in the form of a chatbot! Try it now to get matched with an artist.

Have more questions?

Wondering how to fund science art, or how to approach an artist to help you communicate your science?

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