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Lifeology courses engage lay audiences in health-related science and research via fun, accessible and visual content. Create your own or contribute as a writer, translator or artist.

How is a course created
How a course is created
Current Course List
Current Course List

Courses are mobile ready and can be accessed from any web browser

Detailed analytics down to the level of time spent on each card

Unlimited scalability, very secure and super flexible platform

Course ratings and comments

Multiple languages supported, with community sourced translations

Customize your course completely!


Easy to use Content System to create your own courses manually


Ability to quiz readers and analyze results

Science in a flash!

Users intuitively swipe through the courses which they can access from anywhere. We make learning fun by pairing beautifully illustrated cards with easy-to-understand (science-backed) content.

What is a Lifeology course?2020-02-27T18:39:25+00:00

Lifeology courses are mobile-friendly, interactive, artistic science communication pieces that are often created by a team consisting of scientist(s), a writer and an artist. They are composed of swipeable flashcard-like cards, typically around 20-30 per course, that contain bite-sized text and custom visuals.

A Lifeology course can answer a science or health question or offer an approachable primer to a complex topic for people with little science or formal education. How does cancer grow? What is machine learning? Why do I need vitamins? How does spending time in nature benefit my brain?

What does it cost?2020-09-06T15:13:42+00:00

We are committed to paying all Lifeology writing and art contributors, and we encourage experts to make their courses freely available to reach broad audiences. So our standard model is to ask researchers, their institutions, their funders or sponsors to pay a one-time course creation fee (base of $2,000 USD for 30-card courses) and an affordable subscription for Lifeology hosting of any number of courses.

But we will work with you to meet your budget, and we can be flexible depending on your goals.

Where will the course live and who can see it?2020-02-27T17:31:50+00:00

Today, any Lifeology courses you create will live as a stand-alone web app that you can share wherever and with whomever you’d like via a custom link! 

You get to control the audience of your courses. If you’d like, we can publish your course to our growing library of publicly available Lifeology courses*. We can also help distribute your course via Lifeology’s website and social media channels.

*If health-related, we will help distribute your course to LifeOmic’s nearly 2M global health app users.

Who owns the content?2020-02-27T15:43:53+00:00

As the primary creator and payer for a Lifeology course, you own the content.

How can users consume my Lifeology course?2020-02-26T21:44:10+00:00

Anyone with a computer, a smartphone or a screen with a browser and an internet connection can access Lifeology courses. We can also support downloadable and printable versions of Lifeology courses if you want your content to reach users without an internet connection.

What outcomes can I expect from my Lifeology course?2020-02-27T17:33:51+00:00

Your Lifeology course will help your research or science message reach a broader audience. This includes individuals who might never otherwise seek out this information or be able to understand it in traditional formats. You can expect more people to apply this knowledge in their daily lives. In healthcare settings, this will mean greater patient engagement and compliance, and ultimately better outcomes.

By creating Lifeology courses to share your work and knowledge, you can also expect to create more awareness and citations of your work, attract collaborators and funding opportunities, and spark media attention. You can use Lifeology courses as proof of broader impact, public engagement and service activities in your grant and promotion applications. You can use Lifeology artwork in your conference talks, posters and papers, and so much more.

But perhaps best of all, the process of creating a Lifeology course is likely to transform how you see and understand your own work. It can help reveal gaps and future research possibilities, and help you engage broader audiences in your research.

How do I get started?2020-02-26T21:44:01+00:00

If you want to create your own Lifeology course (or have us create one for you), it is as simple as getting in touch! Fill out our course creation inquiry form or email us at

We also have a course template to help you curate the content that you want to include in your course.

How are Lifeology courses made?2020-02-26T21:43:56+00:00

It all starts with a science researcher or organization bringing their content to be transformed by the Lifeology process! As a researcher, you bring us existing content, research findings or new ideas, and we pair you with a science writer and an artist who will help transform this information into an illustrated, interactive card deck. 

The Lifeology platform is still young. As we speak, our engineers are building a content management system that anyone can use to build their own Lifeology courses. Today, we have a manual process for creating Lifeology courses, but we already have a web app viewer that allows you to share published courses wherever and with whomever you’d like! 

Want to create your own Lifeology course as an expert? Contact us to get started.

Do you want to help create Lifeology courses as a writer or artist? Become a Lifeology member and email us at!

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