In May, we launched our monthly SciComm Challenge and asked our community to build dialogue through game play by contributing to a card deck game we have named the “Sci Truth Game.”

Participants picked a science topic and wrote three statements about it. One statement was false. Participants identified the false statement, gave an explanation for why it is false, and gave the correct information. Through creating two truths and a lie about a science topic, participants contributed to a full deck of cards that will start a dialogue, spark curiosity in game players, and contribute to learning through gameplay. Dialogue is one important component of SciComm.

This blog post is not the final home of these cards, but we wanted to be sure to include them in our monthly SciComm challenge roundup. Be on the lookout for the release of this card deck in its final home in the future.

Here are the Sci Truth Game entries:

Thank you to everyone who participated in May’s SciComm Challenge: Brent H., Eleonora H., Daniela, Mihaela B., Abbey M., Meghna G., Aishwarya S., Laura G., María B., and Shreya M.