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Lucas Mergan 

Hello everyone! I’m in the 4th year of my PhD, working on the biology of ageing in the model organism C. elegans. I greatly enjoy science communication and science art. I try to integrate these on my scicomm Instagram account. If you want to hear more about my research, you can watch my video pitch here. I’m currently having a difficult time choosing a career path between scientific research, science communication and science art; my ideal job would be a combination of all three!

Picture of Lucas Mergan with Wormy, the lab's mascot.

The first piece in a series of “Where’s Wormy?” drawings from Lucas Mergan. Wormy hides in different lab environments. Pictured here is physics/engineering environment.


Hello from Montreal! My name is Sawssan, I am an illustrator and graphic designer, but I’m trying to pivot more into information design, whether it’s science communication or data visualization. I want to be able to use my art and design skills to educate and communicate information. Happy to join this community, I’m sure I will learn a lot!

Anosmic Iris Instagram
Brain- 60% of the brain is fat
Dugong, the manatee's pacific cousin. it's name means lady of the sea. it is also known as the sea cow.
April 2nd Walk to Work Day
20% of valentine's day's gifts in the US are purchased for pets.

Melanie Peffer

Hello, I’m Melanie! I’m author of Biology Everywhere: How the Science of Life Matters to Everyday Life, researcher, and educator. I recently published an article on the pandemic as a golden opportunity for SciComm, have a SciComm MOOC soon to launch and have a book chapter under revision on unintentional messaging in SciComm. I’ve also done content development, including a TED-ED lesson on art and science and regularly speak/do outreach to the general public, including giving a TED talk. Looking forward to getting to know all of you better! I’m on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn. 

Melanie also wrote a blog post for Lifeology: (Molecular) Biology Everywhere. Check it out!

Melanie Peffer

Johannes Fuchs

Hello around the world, I’m Johannes, a freelance illustrator, designer, and visual storyteller with a focus on sustainable/social impact, future design, and science (fiction) communication  Portfolio | Linkedin | Instagram. Looking forward to getting to know other Sci-Comm enthusiasts! Greetings from Potsdam, Germany.

We are not defending nature. We are nature defending itself.
Hybrid future. Virtual design lab.

Biopolis — a proactive future design series” shows sustainable urban scenes based on facts and fiction. Infographic series by Johannes Fuchs.