Lifeology Daily Draw – Illustrations We Love!

This October, we challenged you to draw every day, using words from our Lifeology Courses, we even snuck in the Five Pillars of Health from LIFE Apps ! Some managed to draw every day, others were able to sketch most days, and some a few times. It did not matter how often we posted. The rules were flexible – Draw when you can in any format. We are incredibly happy to share this blog highlighting some of our favorites!

Pixelcrat was one artist who joined us every day, we know him better as our co-founder. We would also like to give a very special shout out to Esraalmaeeni, Zapandilla, and Raymond’s Brain as top contributing artists! 

Lifeology Daily Drawing Challenge

Pixelcrat’s Daily Drawing Challenge Submissions

Energy Illustration by Doryan Algarra
Inspire Illustration by Doryan Algarra

“The daily challenge was really fun. It forced me to commit to drawing every day, meet deadlines and publish my work. The prompts were great, as an artist the hardest thing to do is figure out what you could be drawing so that pressure was taken away. I was able to focus on the word, think about the idea, it made me a better artist and I felt that my style evolved.”

Pixelcrat (Doryan, Lifeology co-founder)

Featured Daily Submissions

Oct Daily Draw Blood Prompt Illustration

Day 1 – Blood – Lifeology Team – Elaine

Oct Daily Draw Atom Prompt Illustration

Day 3 – Atom – Lifeology Team – Elaine

Oct Daily Draw Challenge - Sleep Illustration

Day 5 – Sleep – @ChaozInOrder

Oct Daily Draw Atom Prompt Illustration by Esra Almaeeni

Day 2 – Nutrition – @Esra Almaeeni

Oct Daily Draw Challenge - Kinetic Illustration

Day 4 – Kinetic @RaymondsBrain

Oct Daily Draw Respiration Prompt Illustration

Day 6 – Respiration – Lifeology Team – Doryan

“I am an artist (painter and graphic designer). I study computer science and programming. I love simplifying science in funny and cute ways and do some crafts, animation and writing manga from time to time. Lifeology October challenge was very interesting, especially as it related to science, and that’s the best thing about it, I have gained many things, besides the development of my style in drawing. I have learned many scientific things that I did not know about, sometimes I had to research about the topic before drawing, which increased a lot of my knowledge. I am so happy I took part in it.”

– Esra Almaeeni @esraalmaeeni

October Daily Drawing Challenge - Energy Illustration

Day 7 – Energy – @Esra Almaeeni

October Drawing Challenge - Exercise prompt

Day 9 – Exercise – @RaymondsBrain

Oct Daily Draw - Cell Illustration

Day 11 – Cell – Lifeology Team – Elaine

Oct Daily Draw Challenge - Clarity Illustration

Day 8 – Clarity – @Zapandilla.Art

October Daily Drawing - Growth Illustration

Day 10 – Growth – Lifeology Team – Doryan

Oct Daily Draw - Mindfulness Illustration

Day 12 – Mindfulness – @Zapandilla.Art

“My name is Camila Mosso, I have a background in Industrial Design and Cultural Education. I recently decided to expand my portfolio towards information visualization and that’s when I stumbled upon Lifeology’s October challenge and community…As an artist, I enjoy working with my hands and therefore prefer traditional art media so I decided to do most entries using watercolor, oil pastels and paper, with the occasional digital illustration. I had a lot of fun playing around by mixing materials and finding ways to give the prompts a twist and give my inner child space to express herself…I’m looking forward to participating in more challenges and keep growing as an artist and communicator.”

-Camila Mosso

October Daily Draw - Fasting Illustration

Day 13 – Fasting – Lifeology team – Elaine

October Daily Draw - Intestines Illustration

Day 15 – Intestines – @Zapandilla.Art

Endurance Illustration by Doryan Algarra

Day 17 – Endurance – Lifeology Team – Doryan

October Daily Drawing Challenge - Deficiency Prompt Illustration

Day 14 – Deficiency – @Esra Almaeeni

Lifeology Daily Draw - Pulse prompt

Day 16 – Pulse – @Esra Almaeeni

Metabolic illustration by Doryan Algarra

Day 18 – Metabolic – Lifeology Team – Doryan

“I have been drawing a daily 4-panel diary comic for a while just for fun and was able to use some for the Lifeology prompt challenges. I am interested in science communication. I have a Ph.D in marine biology but have been working with informal learning organizations for the last 25 years or so.”

Raymond K. Nakamora, Ph.D

October Daily Draw Challenge - DNA Illustration

Day 19 – DNA – @Zapandilla.Art

October Drawing Challenge - Immune Prompt Illustration

Day 21 – @RaymondsBrain

October Daily Drawing Challenge - Inspire Prompt

Day 23 – Inspire – @Zapandilla.Art

October Daily Draw - Age Illustration

Day 20 -Age – Lifeology Team – Doryan

October Daily Drawing Challenge - Mutation

Day 22 – Mutation – Lifeology Team – Elaine

October Daily Drawing Challenge - STEAM illustration

Day 24 – STEAM – @Esra Almaeeni

The Anosmic Iris talks us through two of their pieces:

“For the Complex prompt, I wanted to illustrate a labyrinth looking enviornment with heavy blocs to give the space an overwhelming feel. the worried ‘egg’ also accentuates the distressing feel that this ‘complexity’ could have. For the Antibodies prompt, I chose a more action-oriented illustration :) It was a better choice to show what antibodies actually do, and the importance of their ‘action’ for our protection.”

October Daily Draw - Calm Illustration

Day 25 – Calm – Lifeology team – Doryan</span

Lifeology Daily Draw - Survival Illustration

Day 27 – Survival – Lifeology Team – Elaine</span

Lifeology Daily Draw - Fight Prompt Illustration

Day 29 – Fight – @Esra Almaeeni

October Daily Draw - Bones Illustration

Day 31 – Bones – Lifeology team – Elaine

October Daily Drawing Challenge - Antibodies Prompt

Day 26 – Antibodies – @TheAnosmicIris</span

October Daily Drawing Challenge - Complex Illustration

Day 28 – Complex – @TheAnosmicIris

October Daily Drawing Challenge - Flow Illustration

Day 30 – Flow – Lifeology team – Doryan

I enjoyed running this challenge and logging into the @LifeologyApp Instagram account each day to read the tags and view the submissions. There was some fantastic creative thinking going on, some of the prompts were easier than others, but I hope you all found something you enjoyed drawing. I particularly enjoyed creating the “Survival” Image. I am new to digital illustration as an artist and had a big learning curve familiarizing myself with the interface and tools, so this piece was more challenging for me, but I gained a lot out of the process.

– Elaine, Lifeology Comms Manager

Read about the November SciComm Challenge  – click here. Take part and you could win a 1:1 design consult with LifeOmic’s VP of Design and Lifeology co-founder, Doryan Algarra.