Lifeology Daily SciComm Drawing Challenge

Photograph of the inside of a sketchbook.
Photograph: Inside of Elaine Algarra’s sketchbook

This October, Lifeology is challenging you to a Science and Health themed Daily SciComm Drawing Challenge! In the spirit of Inktober, we decided to make a drawing challenge using words from our courses.

How many of you use drawing as a form of relaxation and as a thinking strategy? This Lifeology challenge is for everyone! The rules are flexible; you draw when you can, daily if possible. 

We will be featuring some of our favorite responses in a future blog, as well as reposting drawings on the Instagram platform. Drawings can be made by hand or can be digital.


  1. Look at the daily prompt list for Lifeology Daily Drawing Challenge
  2. Make a drawing (hand-drawn and/or digital) in 1:1 format
  3. Post it on Instagram
  4. Hashtag it with #lifeologydailydraw
  5. Repeat

BONUS RULE: Create the drawing in 1:1 format. At the end of the month, we are looking to contact artists who share their work. We are looking to pay artists to turn sketches into illustrations and work on future Lifeology cards and courses.

Lifeology Daily Drawing Challenge