Lifeology for Clinical Trial Recruitment

Clinical trials need diverse participation. For many researchers, thinking of how they will recruit marginalized populations for a study is an afterthought. That’s why many last minute attempts fall flat.

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Let us help by teaming your scientists up with storytellers and artists who help translate your clinical trial concepts into accessible, visual and narrative content without putting any extra burden on your team’s time.

Lifeology helps bridge the trust gap between the health community and communities of color. Your scientists can collaborate with artists to create a wide range of visual messages and inspirational artworks:

data visualizations, infographics, graphical abstracts, cover art, comics, science art galleries, games, Lifeology courses and other visual interactives that best convey your trial information.

By engaging these audiences earlier in the research process, creating culturally relevant narratives and engaging community thought-leaders and creatives we can bring to life a compelling story for those tough to reach audiences.

Each Lifeology course consists of digital flashcards (20-50 cards per course) that feature bite-sized text and custom art that reflects the language and imagery of the community you want to reach. Users swipe and interact with cards with the touch of a finger. You get insights on learning and other outcomes.

Features Include:

  • Storytelling, translation and transformative visuals – sourced from the community.
  • A gamified, visual platform that enables your scientists to share clinical trial information and concepts with lay audiences in the form of Lifeology courses, which you can brand.
  • Insights, via mini reflections and quizzes. See how many people view your courses, how much time they spend on each card and whether they take a linked action.
  • Storytelling and beautiful art that motivates people to learn more.
  • Action-driven cards within courses that can link users to more information or resources, call them to participate in research, etc.
  • Flexibility. Bring content in any format to the Lifeology platform.

Whether you have a clear vision that you need help bringing to life or don’t know where to start, let us help you reach your recruitment goals to maximize your impact.

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