Our Story-Driven Method as a Service

  • Facilitated collaboration with professional artists
  • Customized for the audience from get-go
  • Knowledge curation via primary scientific sources
  • Narrative writing, copy-editing and/or storyboarding
  • Plain language at a 6th grade reading level
  • Reviews by experts
  • An empathetic, audience-first approach to content creationFeedback from audience or patient reviewers
  • Translation and multi-language support
  • Publishing support and metrics evaluation

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What is the Story-Driven Method?

Lifeology Original courses have a proven track record of emotionally engaging and retaining broader audiences, helping them learn information or inspiring them to take action.
This is because these courses incorporate science communication and health literacy best practices based on evidence. These best practices include plain language, narrative to improve accessibility and retention, custom stylistic artwork that complements the text-based narrative, actionable information and an empathetic approach to portraying people’s lived experiences.

Putting these practices into action requires collaboration between experts, storytellers, artists and audience members. This is why collaboration is a key component of the Lifeology Story-Driven Method. Lifeology Originals are always vetted by scientific experts outside to ensure accuracy. They are reviewed by audience reviewers, patients or advocates to ensure that they present information in a way that is empathetic, inclusive and relevant. They always feature the visuals of a professional illustrator.

Benefits of the
Story-Driven Method

  • Customized for the audience
  • An transformative creation process centered around collaboration
  • Beautiful visual storytelling
  • Can help experts develop new insights and deeper understanding of their own work
  • Produces content that is easy to understand, memorable, engaging and that can inspire behavior change

How you can use the
Story-Driven Method

Lifeology Originals are created by or in close collaboration with our Lifeology team and certified Lifeology creators. But you or your team can follow our Story-Driven Method to create your own courses that are impactful, memorable, inclusive, accessible and engaging! If you work with us, we might even invite your courses into our official Lifeology Library [link].

If you work with us as a managed service client, we will walk you through every step of our Story-Driven Method and do a lot of the work for you. We will facilitate collaboration between your team and appropriate storytellers, artists and reviewers. Let us help you create impactful Lifeology courses without the time demands that content generation usually takes.

The Lifeology Story

We follow a tried-and-true process to create Lifeology Original courses. We call this process our Story-Driven Method. It features narrative writing, art and collaboration... READ OUR FULL STORY

Who we’ve worked with

Lifeology clients and partners have used our Story-Driven Method to reach, educate or inspire audiences who may traditionally be difficult to reach, underserved by existing content, vulnerable or at risk of experiencing low literacy. For example, Eli Lilly has created courses with us using our Story-Driven Method to help empower people of color to make decisions about participating in clinical trials. Learn more about that here.

Learn more about how Lifeology courses are created here.