Your Lifeology course will help your research or science message reach a broader audience. This includes individuals who might never otherwise seek out this information or be able to understand it in traditional formats. You can expect more people to apply this knowledge in their daily lives. In healthcare settings, this will mean greater patient engagement and compliance, and ultimately better outcomes.

By creating Lifeology courses to share your work and knowledge, you can also expect to create more awareness and citations of your work, attract collaborators and funding opportunities, and spark media attention. You can use Lifeology courses as proof of broader impact, public engagement and service activities in your grant and promotion applications. You can use Lifeology artwork in your conference talks, posters and papers, and so much more.

But perhaps best of all, the process of creating a Lifeology course is likely to transform how you see and understand your own work. It can help reveal gaps and future research possibilities, and help you engage broader audiences in your research.