Women in STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts, math and medicine) are rocking it in the world today, doing excellent but often under-promoted work. We want more people to know about these women and their work, including girls who might dream of careers in STEAM fields! That is the goal of our “living” Women in STEAM Lifeology card deck!

Each month, we feature new women in this living digital card deck, based on women nominated here. But all women nominated are also featured in this monthly Women in STEAM blog post.

We’ve also partnered with 500 Women Scientists to feature women from their Request a Woman in STEMM platform in a unique Lifeology card series, which we’ve now updated for November here!

We’ve featured two new inspirational women in our illustrated card decks for November!

Illustration of Pallavi Tiwari

Pallavi Tiwari is featured in our Women in STEAM deck. She is the director of the brain image computing lab at Case Western Reserve University. Pallavi develops AI and machine learning methods for personalized treatments in cancer. She leads a team of researchers and collaborates with clinical collaborators on various projects in brain tumors and neurological disorders.

“I work closely with clinical collaborators to identify the most pressing problems and then work with my students to figure out minimally invasive solutions for those problems.”  – Pallavi Tiwari

The favorite part of Pallavi’s work is the translational aspect that it offers. Her work uses routine non-invasive MRI scans acquired from cancer patients to identify personalized treatment options, sometimes in patients with very limited options available to them. In her job, she gets to interact and work with extremely smart and talented undergrad and grad students, which she considers the best part of her job.

Pallavi is a hustler. She always picks herself up from failure and keeps persisting, which has served her well in her career in academia. In her spare time, she loves playing tennis. She grew up as an athlete, having played basketball and tennis in high school. She continues to play tennis regularly, outside of being a full-time academician and mother of a 2-year old toddler. She also happens to run a lab that consists predominately of females. It happened by chance, but she is proud of the wonderful women graduate students and post-docs she gets to work with every day!

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An Illustration of Dr Ahna Skop

Ahna Skop is featured in our 500 Women Scientists Who Inspire deck. She is a Professor of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

She is a developmental cell biologist, artist, science communicator, and champion for the underrepresented in science! Her lab studies how cells divide. Cell division is highly dependent on visual data, which dovetails perfectly with one of her other passions, art. Ahna has several scientific art installations on the UW-Madison campus. She has also curated and created several traveling science art exhibitions. Ahna majored in biology and minored in ceramics at Syracuse University, obtained her Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology at UW-Madison, and her post-doctoral work at UC-Berkeley.

“I am a scientist by day but avid foodie, baker and cook by night. Cooking is really home chemistry.  Being a scientist is like baking but with DNA, RNA, proteins and chemicals. If you can follow a recipe and be creative, you can be a scientist.” – Ahna Skop

One of Ahna’s great hobbies is baking, including scientific cakes. She manages a food blog in her free time. We are featuring two of Ahna’s favorite recipes in a blog – just in time for the Holidays!

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