Women in STE(A)MM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Medicine) are leading the way in research, but their achievements are often under-appreciated. We want to introduce the public to the stories and work of these inspiring women!

We have teamed up with 500 Women Scientists to highlight scientists from their Request a Woman in STEMM database. Since its creation in 2018, more than 14,000 women worldwide have signed-up to the Request platform, which has grown to be a widely used resource for journalists, educators, policy makers, scientists, and anyone needing scientific expertise.

We and 500 Women Scientists want to challenge the traditional and outdated image of what a scientist looks like – so we have created a “living” Lifeologyx500WomenScientists card deck!

Each month, we will feature at least one new scientist based on nominations provided by 500 Women Scientists members. We are kicking off this digital living card deck featuring two fellows of the inaugural cohort of 500 Women Scientists’ Fellowship for the FutureKelly Montgomery and Rose Bear Don’t Walk.

Launch the illustrated card deck below to learn more about Kelly and Rose, and how they inspire us and others. Nominate a woman in STEAMM who inspires you today.

Launch 500 Women Scientists who Inspire

Anna Doherty is the artist who currently creates the illustrated biographies for this collaboration with 500 Women Scientists and our own Women in STEAM Lifeology card deck. Anna recently wrote about why it is so important for young girls to see women in STEAMM roles in books, movies and other media (and of course real-life too!).

“I started to think about portrayals of other careers in books I read growing up. I was struck that there were certainly a lot of policemen, firemen, postmen, businessmen. And often, these male characters had wives or female friends who either didn’t have jobs at all, or if they did, more often than not they were child-care or home-care related. Where were the policewomen, firewomen, postwomen? I went through all my childhood books, noting the mentioned jobs and careers.

And that’s when it hit me:

Books I had while growing up had primarily portrayed just men in STEAM roles.” – Anna

Do you know a young women who is interested in science, tech, math? Share our Women in STEAM card decks with them! They can learn from these inspiring women, and also contact them through Lifeolgoy or the Request platform!