Who is at Lifeology?

The number of scientists and artists that have joined Lifeology is growing rapidly – as of writing we are 381 members strong! Our members include scientists, educators, artists, designers, photographers, writers, people who love science and mixes of all of the above.

Most of our members include people who want to work on more interdisciplinary collaborations that bring together science and art, scientists and creatives. That means artists in the community are actively looking for scientists to create and collaborate with to communicate science better – reach out to them if you like their work!

To highlight some of the fantastic people that are joining this platform, we will be featuring biweekly a handful of new members who join the Lifeology community and are inspiring us with their work! To be featured, sign up and join our Slack workspace, tell us a bit about yourself in the #introductions channel, and join the conversation where science meets art!

To start, meet some of our members below and follow their work in our member directory and on our blog!

Here are some SciComm/SciArt champions that you can chat with in our Slack Workspace!


I’m an illustrator and illustrated mapmaker. I hope to do some blogging about visual storytelling, and hopefully illustrate a future Lifeology course. [Which Abrian now has done!]

Abrian Curington, Lifeology Profile

I am an artist who has eagerly been trying to find ways to collaborate with scientists and jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Lifeology. I am a Public Programs Coordinator at The Met Museum in New York and a mixed media artist working in drawing, painting, and installation work. I am especially interested in themes centered around conservation and ecology, the human impact on the natural world.

Anastasiya Gutnik, Lifeology Profile

I’m a children’s book illustrator/author from and based in Scotland. I got into science-y stuff by publishing a book about Ada Lovelace, and now I love illustrating everything non-fiction! I’ve illustrated a couple of Lifeology courses, and I can’t wait to do more!

Anna Doherty, Lifeology Profile

I’m Ben, I handle Science & Conservation Communications for Chester Zoo here in the UK. Great to see such a nice group of talented people forming!

I’m a structural biologist and scientific illustrator. I’m almost finished my PhD in structural biology, and I play around a lot with creating AR / VR content from all of the available structural and biological information that is out there. If you have something that you think might benefit with 3D modelling then hit me up!

Brady Johnston, Lifeology Profile

I specialize in 3D-animations, mostly of molecular processes. I have a PhD in structural biology/cryo-EM. I worked as a photographer before switching to 3D. I also produce sound design and music on the side.

Christoph Kuehne, Lifeology Profile

I am a biologist specialized in parasites and vectors of disease currently based in Liverpool, UK. I am having a break from academia for a series of circumstances, so I decided to practice and improve my skills as a scicommer! I am creating a blog (coming soon!) and I am particularly interested in using sciart and infographics to better engage the public on my topics of expertise, also in the form of short visual stories.

Corrado Minetti, Lifeology Profile

I am living in Sweden right now, but was born in Poland & grew up in Germany. I finished my PhD in Plant Physiology 1,5 years ago & now I am having my own company as a Scientific Illustrator & I LOVE IT. :)

Daria Chrobok, Lifeology Profile

I’m an early career biologist from Peru focused on tropical ecology. I started blogging to share what I learn in the field, and my adventures during expeditions. I’m sure that this platform will encourage collaborations between scientists and communicators, even scientists who are communicators and communicators who are scientists!

Diego Balbuena, Lifeology Profile

After getting my PhD (community psychology) I worked at a nonprofit research/evaluation center for a few years and became frustrated and bored with how folks were sharing their work. Wall of text slides, 200+page boring reports, etc. There was very little creativity and I saw very little impact. That’s why I quit to start my own biz: so I could work with academics and scientists and help them communicate better and more creatively. I help with slide presentations and data visualization.

Echo Rivera, Lifeology Profile

So happy to meet new friends here! I’m an artist and science communicator from Taiwan. I did my BSc in Biological Sciences and later MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College London. I’ve illustrated a couple of Lifeology courses now and enjoyed making every one of them! I’ve also worked with scientists or lecturers on creating visuals to go with their publications or materials for students. I’m interested in anything that’s about making science fun.

Elfy Chiang, Lifeology Profile

I’m an artist and scientist. I’ve written and/or illustrated a couple of courses so far about cancer, and I’m loving the community y’all are building! Can’t wait to see it all grow, and incredibly grateful to the team for making all this happen!

Gaius Augustus, Lifeology Profile

I’m a graduate student at the University of Toronto studying computational neuroscience (in the mental health space)! I’m also an independent science communicator in English and Arabic. Most of my scicomm work is focused on brain science and brain imaging techniques.  I’m super excited to work with awesome scientists and artists to make science more accessible.

Hajer Nakua, Lifeology Profile

I am great at taking dense information and making something accessible and memorable from it – Infographics, scribing/sketchnoting, editorial and research paper illustrating.

Jason Ramasami , Lifeology Profile

I’m a physicist and comedian, and most of my sciart stuff is collaborative: working with choreographers or playwrights or graphic designers to make something fun. I also run Bright Club Ireland, which is a variety night teaching academics to use humour to communicate their work. Looking forward to sharing and learning here!

Jessamyn Fairfield, Lifeology Profile

Hi I’m Jessika, I’ve illustrated a course for Lifeology and look forward to doing more and learning from the different projects!

Jessika Raisor, Lifeology Profile

I’m an artist based in London, primarily working with photography. I’m new to scicomm but have exhibited projects on mental health, around London, including Uber London’s black history month display and the BAME freedom festival last year. Excited to see what this new direction brings!

Jo Chukualim, Lifeology Profile

I’m a PhD student from Brisbane, Australia studying sustainable nanomaterials from plants. I’ve been blogging with Paige Jarreau at LifeOmic since 2018, and have written a handful of Lifeology courses now! I’m also a community manager here!

Jordan Pennells, Lifeology Profile

I’m a freelance graphic designer and writer who primarily works with science/policy/research clients on public-facing materials. I recently completed design work for a report on Canada’s Arctic Ocean, working with Kat Middleton (who told me about this forum!) at the department of Fisheries and Oceans. You can check it out here.

Karianne Blank, Lifeology Profile

I’m a recent PhD in theoretical physics, a DEI advocate and organizer, and an aspiring science and non-fiction writer. I have worked on projects combining physics and art. I am hoping to learn more about this sort of work while connecting with artists interested in physics.

Karmela Padavic-Callaghan, Lifeology Profile

I’m an Assistant Professor in Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University. I am an auditory neuroscientist really interested in understanding how we use the brain to figure out where a sound is coming from. I explore this question in weird animals (naked mole rats and others) and in conditions such as autism. I am really passionate about science communication and advocacy. I am on the leadership for 500 Women Scientists as well as co-creator of the Request a Woman in STEMM platform.

Elizabeth McCullagh, Lifeology Profile

I’m from Guatemala where I did my BSc in Biology, and I’m currently finishing my MSc in Limnology in Vienna. I’m also a wildlife photographer and have been science-blogging for about a year now.

María Braeuner, Lifeology Profile

I’m a researcher, illustrator and graphic recorder from Belo Horizonte, Brazil pursuing a Master’s degree in Sociology. I am currently enrolled in some classes on science communication. My research is focused on on the public perception of climate change and also the communication around the topic.

Marina Tomas, Lifeology Profile

I’m a neuroscientist turned cartoonist and science communicator. I mostly draw comics and editorial illustrations, but I’m passionate about visual storytelling of any kind: scientific illustration, dataviz, animation, you name it. For a few years I have tried to combine SciComm practice and research [studying comics!] but since September 2019 I work full time as a multimedia producer for Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute, and I couldn’t be happier!

Matteo Farinella, Lifeology Profile

I’m a technology commercialization manager and recently turned science communicator. I have a PhD in human genetics, but work on projects spanning a variety of life sciences disciplines. I am passionate about communicating science to diverse audiences and have largely done this through written deliverables. I want to improve this skill and learn strategies and best practices for other forms of communication. This seems like the perfect community to learn from!

Megan Waldman , Lifeology Profile

I’m a PhD candidate from Arizona, now living and working in Sydney at UNSW. I research coral thermal tolerance and the relationship between corals and their symbiotic microscopic algae. I am also a science communicator and event planner for SciArt projects hosted by my organization, Emerging Creatives of Science. Thank you for hosting this wonderful space!

Melissa Pappas, Lifeology Profile

I deferred medical school to teach k-12 and fell head over heels for teaching. I teach college-aged students who cannot afford college how to code. Art and illustration is such an important part of my life and I’d love to help anyone as much as I can. I come from a science background and love science.

Melody Rose Serra, Lifeology Profile

I’m an artist & biologist living in Kansas City. I went to school for art (’19 KCAI Interactive Arts) and found my way into science through an internship dealing with a lot of electron microscopy. Biology has been a love of mine all my life, but I was not good at being in school so I went on to study my other lifelong love (art!). Since I know how hard it can be to get into science, I feel like it’s my mission to make it more accessible for people, especially for those who aren’t neurotypical.

I’m Nic from SpacetimeLabs, a research and design company working with scientists and research organizations to explore bold ideas, solve important problems, and make a broader impact.

Nic DiPalma, Lifeology Profile

I’m PhD student in Manchester UK studying the conservation of black rhinos in Kenya. I volunteer with a conservation charity that does school workshops and camps and have a little experience in science writing and communication. I’m here to learn more about it and hopefully get some great insights from you all!

Nick Harvey, Lifeology Profile

I’m a freelance illustrator and paleoartist from São Paulo, Brazil, working digitally in 2D.

Paulo Leite, Lifeology Profile

Hi all! I’m Pooja, a multimedia science communicator from India. I have specialist interest in ecology, wildlife and conservation and super excited to be a part of this community!

Pooja Gupta, Lifeology Profile

I’m a paleoartist and amateur palaeontologist, mostly working with Cambrian animals like Anomalocaris. I work at a small museum in Ontario where I mostly work with archaeological objects and fossils.

Christian M, Lifeology Profile

Thanks for setting this up! Once upon a time before the internet, I did a PhD on the hydrodynamics of sand dollars. Now I draw science related cartoons, write blog posts and develop exhibits.

Raymond K. Nakamura, Lifeology Profile

I’m currently finishing up my Masters in Biomedical Visualization in Chicago before moving to Seattle this summer. During grad school I’ve focused on making 2D and 3D animations to communicate science, as well as creating educational/’serious’ games to teach science topics to a bunch of different audiences. My masters research revolves around design thinking and multimedia learning principles in Virtual Reality development for education. tl;dr I love creating dynamic and interactive visual stuff! Ask me anything about animation, games, VR design, etc.

Sarah Davis , Lifeology Profile

I focus on science writing and illustration in the field of ecology & nature conservation. I have a few exciting collaborations on video projects as well, and I am excited to continue doing lots of collaborative work with the Lifeology community and other artists/scientists/creative types to make big projects happen! I also work as much as possible to support reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and support Indigenous-led nature conservation. Given this focus, I am always considering pro-bono or discounted work for charities, non-profits, and Indigenous groups!

Sarah Nason, Lifeology Profile

I’m a pharmaceutical chemist by profession, my thesis is focused on designing small molecule inhibitors as adjuvant cancer therapy to elevate immune response against cancer. Apart from PhD I have passion for scientific illustration and I am trying to self learn different skills by reading online and practicing. I was introduced to this community by a friend and I am so grateful.

Scientipic Studio, Lifeology Profile

I’m working as a health science writer in the Washington DC area. I have a PhD in Cell & Molecular Bio from UMichigan, which I used to do research in virology and some teaching before my current role as a writer. I mostly write now, but I teach whenever I get a chance through museum volunteer work (at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History).

Shauna Bennett , Lifeology Profile

I am a biology researcher turned science communicator. My research was diverse but focused on animal communication using behavior, neurobiology, & physiology with a focus on sound and vibration of insects.

Shira Gordon, Lifeology Profile

I’m PhD neuroscience student at McGill University (Montreal). I’m originally from Vancouver, BC where I did my Master’s and created UBC Brain Bytes (videos about neuroscience research). I also do a bit of illustration – my latest work is a short zine/comic about my current research. I’m hoping to develop my science communication/artistic skills and contribute to Lifeology! I’m open to collaborating in anything – whether it be scientific content or illustrations.

Sonja Soo , Lifeology Profile

I’m an illustrator and designer, specializing in Human sciences, with a passion to improve communication and understanding of wellbeing through illustration. I work in collaboration with a number of health related professionals to create visual content in the form of “graphic medicine” books, research reports and images for websites and apps to help people understand health topics in an engaging and accessible way. In collaboration with psychologists, body workers and healthcare experts I have designed and illustrated books on topics such as pain, trauma, anxiety and autism. Would love to collaborate with anyone interested in how to visually communicate complex topics!

Sophie Standing, Lifeology Profile

I am a doctoral candidate at PUC-Rio, Brazil, in chemical engineering. In addition to the love for science, I have aroused even more interest in thinking about science beyond academic walls.

Thiago Ribeiro, Lifeology Profile

Hiya! I’m Tomekah, I’m an illustrator/animator based in Sheffield, UK. I’ve illustrated a few Lifeology courses and can’t wait to learn from the group.

Tomekah George, Lifeology Profile

I’m a Veterinary Neurologist at UC Davis and I enjoy helping pet owners and veterinary students learn about veterinary neurology. I’m interested in helping people better understand veterinary research and engaging them in discussions on veterinary health, which often translates back to human health! I also am a freelance cartoonist and illustrator and love using visual media to convey concepts and help educate.

Vishal Murthy, Lifeology Profile

I study the impacts of invasive species on islands, in particular invasive mice on islands that threaten native seabird populations. Although I do science communication on the side, I am interested in using art to better illustrate and share my research. I mainly do pen/ink and black/white artwork, but am really interested in connecting with other scientists and artists to create some collaborative work. So, if you’re interested, let me know!

Wieteke Holthuijzen, Lifeology Profile

I am originally from France, but I now live in Vancouver (Canada). I am an illustrator and I specialize in comics and illustrations for science outreach. I have a scientific background in Materials Science, and I figured science communication could be the best way to mix my two main interests. You can find me on Twitter if you want to connect, and get a glimpse of my work on my portfolio.

I’m Zen Faulkes. Working scientist, but you may know me from the Better Posters blog.

Zen Faulkes, Lifeology Profile