In class! Learning about science.
In class! Learning about science.

Looking for a fun, educational pastime for your kiddos while everyone’s home together? Join Melody Rose Serra for her weekday virtual science classes on everything from dinosaurs to planets to albatrosses!

Schedule (times are PST):

  • Monday 1pm
  • Tuesday 1pm
  • Wednesday 10am
  • Thursday 1pm
  • Friday 9:30am

Classes run between 45 minutes to an hour. All ages are welcome. 

You do not need to bring anything to classes other than paper and something to draw with. 

Last week’s theme was Migration, we talked about:
  • Butterflies
  • Whales
  • Elephants
  • Birds: ospreys, arctic tern, bar-tailed godwit
Next week’s theme is Adaptation! Melody and students will talk about what that means and why and how different species adapt.

Email Melody at to be added to calendar holds which have zoom information.

You can also go here to find out more:

A student in Melody’s class.

About Melody

Melody has over 10 years of experience teaching biology, chemistry, math, software, and languages to kids of all ages, from kindergarten through college.

She currently teaches software engineering to college-aged students at a non-profit, and volunteers at a range of educational programs, including:

She has an MPH in Global Health from USC, a BS in Molecular Biology, and BAs in French and Italian from UC Santa Barbara.