Thank you for being here and wanting to learn and create science and art with us!

Lfeology is a platform that brings together scientists, artists, writers and broader audiences in the creation of science and health-related educational content on that can reach anyone. You can learn more about our platform and illustrated Lifeology mini-courses on our About page.

The Lifeology community blog is YOUR space to learn and share your own thoughts and experiences with science communication, art and more! Here you can expect to learn more about the practice, research and art of communicating complicated things in simple, engaging, visual ways.

In covering anything and everything related to science, art and communication, this blog will incorporate the voices, expertise and experiences of scientists, artists, storytellers, and other participants and audiences of science communication.

What can I blog about at Lifeology?

Are you a scientist? Share your research findings here, but challenge yourself to communicate those findings in such a way that anyone could understand them, from a 5th grader to a centenarian to an art teacher.

You can also share your experiences in communicating your science in public settings and what you’ve learned about how to make your science more accessible to broad audiences. Write about active science communication projects you are working on, or shine some light on the communication pain points in your field.

Are you an artist? Share your work and creative process via Lifeology blog posts!

You can write about a recent piece of art you created that relates to science, and explain your rationale or process you went through to create it. You can blog to share your own advice or what you see as best practices in creating art that helps people better understand, relate to, enjoy, participate in or otherwise engage with science. You can even create short and sweet blog posts just to share some work in progress or behind-the-scenes moments in your creation of SciArt!

Are you a science writer? Share your best science storytelling with us! You can blog to share a recent story or other piece of writing you created that you love, and explain the process you went through to create it. We would also love for you to share your own advice on how to create written content and stories about science that resonate with broad audience.

Are you just a person who loves learning about science and health? We would love for you to blog with us to share your impressions of content you come across. Maybe you’ve heard, seen or read a science concept or fact communicated in one way, but you understood or visualized it in a totally different way. You can help scientists, science communicators and artists create better content that speaks to people like you, by blogging your own thoughts, impressions, experiences and takeaways from science and health content you find here or elsewhere.

Blog to share examples of science and health content you love (or hate)!

Are you a science communication researcher? We’d love for you to share your expertise or summaries of your own or others’ research findings on our blog! Science communicators, writers and artists read this blog, so this is a great opportunity for you to share science communication research with practical takeaways for practitioners!

You can also share ideas for future science communication research projects that folks who read this blog might like to contribute to or collaborate on!

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