Special Thanks!

We want to thank everyone who contributed to our A to Z STEM Careers – for kids! course.

Submissions for this course were collected from the SciComm Challenge in December 2020- Describe Your Science Career in which we partnered with Letters to a Pre-Scientist to source the community. The goal of the SciComm Challenge and this course is to bring more diverse representations of scientists to kids in underserved communities. Special thanks to Letters to a Pre-Scientist for working with us on this project! Find contributors to the course and additional submissions below:

A to Z STEM Careers – for kids!:

Emma Rehn – Instagram

Kristen Lear, PhD – Instagram

Hannah Slack – Twitter

Ronda Hamm – Instagram

Farah Qaiser – Instagram

Ethan Kocak – Instagram

Melody Rose Serra – Instagram

Paula Garcia Todd – Instagram

Aishwarya Shetty – Instagram

Melinda Martinez, PhD – Twitter

Kate Thompson – Website

Doryan Algarra – Instagram

Cassandra Tyson – Instagram

Helder Lira – Instagram

Other submissions (found here):

Tori Rogers, MSMI – Instagram

Isabel Thomas – Instagram

Anthony Pham – Twitter

Sandra Phinbow – Twitter

Rutuja Patre – Instagram

Alyson Brokaw – Instagram

Aubrey Tauer – Instagram

Paige Jarreau – Twitter

Ananya Dash – Twitter

Shelby Johnston

Patrick Glanz

Clare Walton

Yingxia Wang